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How Color Affects Your Brand

A study of the world’s top 100 brands revealed that blue is the most popular color (33%) for a brand’s logo. Why? If you ask Mark Zuckerburg, he chose the color for Facebook because he is red-green color blind. Of course, that’s probably not why it’s the most popular color for brand logos worldwide… Research has shown that color influences 60-80% of purchasing decisions.

BlueThe color(s) you use to communicate become an identifiable part of your brand. Though some color associations vary culturally, blue is typically symbolic of trust, dependability, security, responsibility, and credibility; it’s also considered to be tranquil and professional. Some color choices are better than others depending on your industry – for example, blue is very popular for corporate, technology, and financial brands.

Red is another popular color (29%) that conveys very different feelings, associated with energy, intensity, and excitement – think Virgin, Target, Budweiser, Coca-Cola. A combination of red and blue conveys something else altogether: patriotism.

Other colors and their general associations:

Orange: warmth, energy, enthusiasm
Yellow: optimism, energy, creativity
Green: nature, peace, wealth
Purple: sophistication, creativity, spirituality
Black: prestige, sophistication, power
Grey: balance, conservatism, seriousness
White: purity, cleanliness, softness